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Made from 100% Extra-Fine Merino Wool, Margot Design makes high-quality throws for everyday enjoyment.

Sourced, designed and manufactured in Australia – local story is embedded into every piece, sustainably. 


Australian culture is beginning to embrace a story of ancient meets new. This juxtaposition has inspired the Belong Collection. 


Knitted in a distinctive colour palette drawn from the vastness of the country, the two hero designs capture both cityscape - geometric and landscape - floral. Both coordinate designs complement these. 


Margot also believes in applying modern technology to ancient skills and fibres,

while communicating the importance of identity and place. 

Each piece is knitted from 100% Extra-Fine Merino Wool – producing a throw that has a soft, elegant drape which is lovely to be wrapped in.


Throughout history, wool has been relied upon for its seasonal versatility and incredible durability. Every item Margot crafts is therefore naturally breathable, odour resistant, temperature regulating and biodegradable. 


Being 100% Australian designed and made is at the heart of Margot Design’s ethos. Margot is based in Sydney, where the designs are sketched and coloured by hand. 


The throws are knitted by Melbourne-based knitwear producer called Knovus, a state-of-the-art 3D knitting development studio. Knovus specialise in zero waste, sustainable, and ethical knitwear manufacturing. Knovus are Ethical Clothing Australia certified research & development design studio and knit manufacturer. Their products are created using Shima Sheiki Industrial Technical knitted technology.


All of our wool is locally sourced from RWS Certified farms



All designs available to order in the Australian Spring

- contact Margot for more details

Virginia Venn

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