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Margot Warre is a Sydney based textile designer and artist, who explores pattern, colour, and design.  Margot works across printing, weaving, embroidery, drawing, abstract painting, and ceramics. Margot has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, and Paris, and is an active champion of ethical and sustainable practices that recognise and respect Indigenous peoples.

Margot has engaged in continuous education, commencing with a Bachelor of Art History and Curatorship at The Australian National University , Canberra, Australia. A decade later, she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at The Parsons School of Design , Paris, France. She has developed her technical skills through courses in textile weaving, textile dying, fabric design, screen printing and hand building in clay, National Art School, Sydney, Australia. 

Margot has collaborated across the arts, designing textiles for Australian and International fabric houses such as Sheridan, Materialised, Mokum Textiles and Warwick Fabrics and exhibiting with world-renowned artist, the late Craig Ruddy. 

In 2016, Margot launched her own textile label, Margot Design. Margot Design works exclusively with Australian suppliers, printing onto luxury natural fibres to create bespoke quality textile products that are Ethical Clothing Australia Credited.  Margot has been recognised as a Sydney identity who champions reconciliation and high ethical standards across the textile and fashion industries.

Margot has designed patterns for fabrics, wallpapers, fashion accessories, rugs, knitted blankets and tiles. Her work is held at the Australian Design Centre, Sydney. Her designs are sold internationally and have been profiled in a range of publications including Galah, The Good Weekend and House and Garden. 

Margot’s designs have a strong sense of personal expression and curiosity, cleverly balanced with a brave use colour. She is interested in how flat pattern can be transformed when it is applied to a three-dimensional form of a fabric, embroidery or knit. 

Margot has an expansive knowledge of textiles, design, and creative exploration. She continues to draw on her knowledge of art history for her collections and collaborations and remains curious about the world around her.

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