I am an artist and designer and have recently returned to Sydney to release my own textile collections, working with local ethically chosen Sydney suppliers working with luxury natural fibres, creating  bespoke quality products. 


Generations of my family have been passionate about art, design, colour and textiles. Growing up in such a world has had a strong influence on me and my life as a designer. It has led to some of the most extraordinary travels and adventures.


Early in my career I moved to Paris where I studied textiles. Living in a postage stamp sized roof top apartment near Sacre Coeur, I was walking distance to the textile markets - so much pattern and colour.


Textiles became the constant thread of my career and travels. I started designing collections for some of the industry leaders and I was soon back in Europe on the shores of Lake Como talking colour and pattern, there have been weeks in London researching trends, working on manufacturing floors in remote areas of China, visiting New York to hang a collection on 5th Avenue and even working in a tannery in the bottom of the north island of New Zealand.


MARGOT DESIGN is not only a fresh interpretation on quintessentially Australian and Sydney experiences. Margot is endeavouring to keep the design culture alive in Sydney and Australia. With the increasing amounts of  manufacturing and production going offshore. Margot has intentionally kept all production locally. Helping to keep the design culture alive and to keep important creative opportunities available.


Each design is a bit about Margot and Sydney her home, which she loves and one she is passionately trying to keep creatively alive. 

Ethical Clothing Australia Accredited 

The  (ECA®) voluntary accreditation program offers practical and affordable assistance to Australian businesses that are manufacturing locally. It ensures that their Australian supply chains are fully transparent and legally compliant.

The  (ECA®) program maps a company’s Australian supply chain throughout the entire cut, make and trim process, including all value adding processes. This is done via annual third-party compliance audits conducted by the extile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Sector of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), Manufacturing Division. By encouraging companies to view supply chain management as an integral part of business,  (ECA®) protects the rights of both local factory-based workers and outworkers.


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