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Treasures Napkins

Treasures Napkins


PRE-ORDER NOW - 3 weeks delivery 


Scattered along the beaches of the Daintree rainforest are beautiful pieces of coral, washed up from the Great Barrier Reef that borders the rainforest. The intricate maze of patterns of the coral were the inspiration for this design. The dark coloured sand and white of the coral pieces are captured in the colours of the design. 


Available in generously sized napkins, made in Sydney with double fold hemming and mitred corner detailing. Printed on a beautiful viscose and linen, which will soften with the more you enjoy them. 

Sold in a set of 6

Viscose Linen

45cm x 45cm each

Weight 315gsm

Wash in cold water. Do not tumble dry.


The design of each serviette is individual and may differ slightly from images shown.


Tablecloths can be made to order, contact Margot to discuss your table size.

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